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salty  zone yoga


Salty Zone stands for dynamics between workout, flow, meditation and intention.

We switch to different zones, Salty Zone stands for the training where you can give everything and also work up a sweat. Flow Zone stands for yoga and flows, let your breath flow and feel the energy. Breath Zone stands for meditation, we focus on our breath and unravel your monkey mind. Sound Zone goes one step deeper. With the sounds of crystal singing bowls we can achieve a deeply relaxed state that allows us to work even with our subconscious.

From this holistic approach, you can pick what you need and what is good for you. I would like to share the energy that we can draw from this practice with you and encourage you to take this with you into your everyday life and to share the joy of life!


Deborah is a certified yoga and breathwork teacher from Zurich with a focus on flowing Vinyasa Yoga and sound journeys.

Her yoga style is dynamic, playful and balanced. With her calm voice and the popular music and sounds tailored to the hours, she creates unforgettable moments of rest, strength and relaxation.

Yoga has been accompanying Deborah for over 15 years,  but mostly only as a sideline to balance things out. It served as a balance to extreme sports, the stressful everyday work and also to listen to your own body after a few injuries.

In the meantime, she knows that she doesn't have to compete in CrossFit to be fit and healthy, but that it's far more important to do whatever activity is fun.


She has also turned her everyday work inside out, swapping the stressful time in agencies for self-employment. She greatly appreciates the freedom she has gained, which is why it is important to her to help you find your own balance. Be it as a yoga, meditation teacher or coach, on and off the mat.


Everything you need is already within you, you just have to make it accessible again.


200h RYS Vinyasa TT

Sound healing I + II

Indoor dance facilitator

Breathwork Instructor 40h

Symphony of the Cells I + II
MAS in Applied Psychology & Coaching

deborah selinger yoga salty zone

Lightness & Authenticity. This is lived in my classes. Yoga can be fun too!

Find your flow, breathe consciously and feel the energy flow.

Relax, clear your head and sleep better.

It's time to reset and learn to get more out of your life.


Sessions with Deborah are not run-of-the-mill yoga classes. It's a special space created every time, it's my go-to quality time.


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