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LEVEL 1 | 6 - 8 OCTOBER 2023


Soundhealing relaxes the body on deep levels and has a balancing effect on mind and soul. Energies are allowed to flow freely again. With Soundhealing we can bring the body back into a higher vibration. You can imagine it like this; if you throw a stone into the water, concentric waves are formed, which spread over the water and make the whole water move. The same thing happens to your body through the gentle sound vibrations. The vibrations move through your entire body, allowing a new order to emerge and blockages to gently dissolve.

Whether you are in the yoga, therapeutic, cosmetic or coaching field or just want to learn this for yourself, the singing bowls can be used individually. Thanks to the individual or small group setting, I can specifically respond to your needs and your area and thus support you to find your own way. Previous experience or training is not necessary. Only you should have experienced at least 3 sound sessions to know how Soundhealing works on you.

In the 3-day training we go into the 6 topics to give you a solid knowledge. We learn by experiencing, listening, sharing, self-practice, private sessions and one-on-one coaching. Everything takes place on site, so you can devote yourself to the sound training with full focus. After the training you will have 6 months to practice on your own and then take the final exam. This will take place in a private setting or via video recording.

If you book a private training, you can individually determine how and when you want to experience these 3 days. The Group Trainings will take place on April 7-9 and October 6-8. The final exam can be arranged individually when you feel ready.

No, we have enough sound instruments in different variations on site. However, should you decide to buy your own singing bowls, you will receive a 15% discount and an individual consultation.


LEVEL 1 | 6 - 8 OCTOBER 2023

Get to know, study and share the energy of sound. In the 3-day sound training (small group seminar max. 4 people) you will learn to deepen your knowledge of sounds, frequencies and various instruments and to expand your practice.


- Theory & Origin Medicine of Sounds

- Singing bowls, tuning forks, music

- Meridians, breath and nervous system

- Chakra System & Rebalancing

- Breathwork & Sound

- Create Sacred Space

- Private vs. group settings

- Practice

You get

- 3 days on site

- Digital manual

- 1:1 private session 45 min

- 1:1 coaching 45 min

- Reduced prices on singing bowls

- Certificate after final exam


Training fee: CHF 1'444.-


October 6 - 8, 2023

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"In sound we are born,
in sound we are healed."

Mehtab Benton

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